Our aim is to make WordLive and all Scripture Union websites accessible to everyone, including users who may have visual, cognitive, hearing or mobility impairments. 

This site is designed to be compatible with adaptive technologies currently used to help people with disabilities to use computers.  This includes screen reading/magnifying software, voice activated input software, and switch access.  

To fulfil this objective, WordLive is designed to comply with Web Accessibility Initiative Guidelines. These are the definitive international guidelines for ensuring accessibility. 

These guidelines are divided into three levels of compliance: Single-A (what you must do), Double-A (what you should do), and Triple-A (what you may do). Specifically, we are working on ensuring that the site complies with Double-A standard. This means we will meet all priority one and two checkpoints of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0.

Some of the specific steps we are taking to improve accessibility include:

  1. To give images appropriate alternative text so that the information they contain is conveyed to those who cannot see them
  2. To make the language of the text plain and easy to understand so that the pages are easy to read
  3. Providing a non Flash version of the daily content through the Classic stream which can be chosen by those who do not have the Flash player installed on their system.

If you feel we are falling short in any of these areas, we would be delighted to hear from you with any suggestions for ways in which we can improve your experience of our web site. Please email our web team at in the first instance.