'Ten what?'

God moments together

Meet with other users of WordLive to share and discuss this week's Bible passages using the activity below.

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'Ten what?'

Get started
Imagine you could come up with any new law for your country. What would it be and why?

Get God's Word
Read Exodus 20:1–17 together.

Get stuck in
1) Why were the Ten Commandments necessary for God’s new nation?

2) What do we learn from this passage about God and his desires for his people?

3) Verse 3 states: ‘You shall have no other gods before me.’ What do we look to for our own personal identity, meaning and security? What do we devote our time and energies to? Do these things control our thoughts? How can we stop these things from turning into gods?

4) Take time to consider the reasons God gives for keeping the Sabbath day (see v 11). How might these truths spur us on to want to keep the Sabbath day ourselves?

5) Given that we undoubtedly break the Ten Commandments on a regular basis, what is the point of trying to keep them? How do they benefit us and those around us?

6) If a non-Christian asked you if the Ten Commandments are relevant to today, how would you respond?

Get real
Share together anything this passage has highlighted in your own life that you want to change. Pray for each other that God will give you the desire and strength to follow him more closely.

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God moments together
'Ten what?'

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