Holy God; holy people

God moments together

Meet with other users of WordLive to share and discuss this week's Bible passages using the activity below.

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Session outline

Get started

Why not begin your time together by building each other up with recent stories of how God has answered prayer, encouraged you, or spoken to you.

Get God’s Word

Read 1 Peter 1:13–21 together.

Get stuck in

1) How should we approach the task of ‘preparing our minds for action’ (v 13, ESV)? To help explore this idea, also ask what the opposite would look like: what would you be doing/thinking if you ‘prepared your minds for inaction’?

2) Are you conscious of how we can simply conform to our ‘evil desires’ and feelings (v 14)? What steps can we take to avoid this?

3) In twos or threes, spend some time thinking about what the word ‘holy’ means. How would you describe God’s holiness? If God is holy, why is it that we should also be (vs 15,16)? Come back together as a group and share your thoughts with each other.

4) What does Peter mean when he refers to living as ‘foreigners’ in verse 17? How does it relate to verse 1?

5) How might you go about encouraging someone who is struggling to live a ‘holy’ life, being careful not to discourage or condemn them? (It might help to think in this way: when you struggle to be holy in some way, how do you appreciate people speaking to you about it?)

Get real

Take some time for self-reflection. In what parts of your lives are you conscious of wanting to become more like Jesus? As appropriate, share this with each other and pray for each other.

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