Doing the right thing

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Doing the right thing

Get started
Christians have different ideas about compromise. Invite group members to share something which is an issue for them (but maybe not for others), for example, drinking alcohol. Encourage an accepting and non-judgemental atmosphere!

Get God’s Word
Read 1 Corinthians 10:23 – 11:1 together.

Get stuck in
1) In Paul’s day, some Christians didn’t feel it was right to buy meat from the market because it may have been offered to idols. What issues might cause disagreement amongst Christians today?

2) If we know that something we’re doing offends others (even if we think it’s OK), how should we behave? Take a look at verses 23, 24 and 31–33.

3) Can you think of some examples when you or others have not done something because of your or someone else’s conscience (vs 27–30)?

4) When it comes to living for God without compromise, what are some guidelines in these verses? Find three in 10:31 to 11:1.

5) Are there things you do that others might regard as compromise? What might it mean for you to do the right thing?

Get real
What has God been saying to you as you’ve talked about these verses? Do you need to change? Do you need to forgive or be forgiven? Pray for one another as you seek to follow Jesus’ example (11:1).

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