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What images come to mind when you think of God being angry? How do you reconcile these with what you know of his love, grace, and mercy? Consider these questions as you listen to ‘The Battle’ from the soundtrack of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, picturing Aslan if you find that helpful.

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Read Jeremiah 51:33–64 together.

1) This is a difficult passage, where we see God’s anger against the Babylonians (eg v 56: ‘The Lord is a God of retribution’. How do you feel about this side of God’s character?

2) God’s anger towards the Babylonians is because of Nebuchadnezzar’s treatment of the Israelites and desecration of holy places (vs 47,51,52). To be this passionate for righteousness can be destructive. How should we judge when to copy this example, and when to hold back and let God take care of it himself?

3) God is powerful to defend his people: verses 36, 45, 49 and 51 talk about his coming to their rescue in the face of a cruel oppressor. In what ways do your church or individual group members defend those who are unable to help themselves?

4) How would you answer a non-Christian friend who said that God’s judgement and anger – as shown in passages like this – are reasons not to be a Christian?

5) Do you think God still acts in this way on behalf of his people?

Get real

Give thanks to God for his passion for what is right and his defence of the powerless. Pray that your group and the wider church will be active in working for social justice.

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