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God moments together

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Flea chase

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Share an instance of when you have followed someone else’s advice with disastrous consequences.

Get God's Word
Read 1 Samuel 26:1–16 together.

Get stuck in
1) What positive characteristics do Abishai and David show in this passage? Consider which of these you would like to demonstrate more in your life.

2) Abishai’s statement in verse 8 builds a strong case for David to kill Saul. And yet David chose not to follow his advice. When are we tempted to follow other people’s counsel instead of considering what God wants?

3) David is clever in his actions (v 12) and in his use of words and reasoning to Saul in verses 18 to 20. What point does he make? What effect do his words have on Saul?

4) What can we learn from this in our own situations of conflict with others?

5) David is single-minded in his determination to follow God in this situation. What situations are you currently facing, or have recently faced, that require the same determination? How might verse 23 encourage you in your resolve?

Get real
Speak aloud the first part of verse 23 as a prayer for each other. Allow the truth of this statement to sink in and ask God to help you to be righteous and faithful, especially in situations where it would be easy to do the opposite.

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God moments together
Flea chase

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