Right choice

God moments together

Meet with other users of WordLive to share and discuss this week's Bible passages using the activity below.

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Session outline

Get started

Set up a simple ‘signpost’ with two arrows. One points to ‘chocolate’ and some delicious-looking chocolates or chocolate cake; the other points to ‘fruit’ and some beautiful fresh fruit ready to eat.

Ask everyone to make their choice! Was it the best choice? Why or why not?

Get God’s Word

Read Jeremiah 6:16–20 together.

Get stuck in

1) In your living for God, how do you make choices about what is right or wrong (v 16)?

2) Jeremiah is warning the people of Judah that they are going to be defeated by their enemies. Why had things come to this? (See verses 16, 17 and 19.)

3) What has God provided today to help us stay close to him? How do we go about asking and listening to God? (Isaiah 30:21 gives some more help.)

4) Who are the ‘watchmen’ (v 17) God has given us to help us stay on track with him?

5) God tells his people that their lavish religious ceremonies don’t impress him (v 20). Why? Are there ever times or ways in which our worship might not please God? Why? Look at Psalm 51:16,17.

Get real

Invite people to talk about any choices they are facing at the moment. Pray for one another. Worship God together.