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Meet with other users of WordLive to share and discuss this week's Bible passages using the activity below.

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Get started

If you have internet access, watch a version of Jesus entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. This could be a straight retelling, something like ‘Hosanna’ from Jesus Christ Superstar or an animated version. Discuss together what you think of the version you have just watched.

Get God’s Word

Read Matthew 21:1–11 together.

Get stuck in

1) What is your first impression of the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem? What picture do you have of Jesus?

2) If this didn’t come up during your initial discussions, compare the retelling you watched with the Bible version.

3) Where are you in this story? Are you one of the two disciples in verses 2, 6 and 7? One of the crowd in verses 8 and 9? Someone from the city in verse 10? One of the crowd in verse 11?

4) Do you think the crowds (and even the disciples) caught the significance of what Jesus was doing? What do you think they thought as they welcomed him?

5) We read this story knowing what is to come in a few days’ time. How does that change the way we see the events of Palm Sunday?

Get real

Spend a couple of moments in reflection. During the quiet, explain that laying cloaks on the road was a sign of submission to Jesus as king, whereas palm branches symbolised Jewish nationalism and victory. Ask the group which one would they have used to welcome Jesus – a cloak or a palm branch? Submission or fight?

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