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Take WordLive with you wherever you go with our daily podcast! Each podcast contains the day's Bible passage, the main point and a way to respond. It's perfect for downloading and taking with you. 

The podcast is released daily, Monday to Saturday, with tomorrow's episode released every evening. Each podcast is embedded daily, or subscribe via the WordLive RSS feed on that page.

If you've subscribed to the podcast, you will automatically receive updates when they become available.

If you prefer to download the podcasts further in advance, we also have a WordLive monthly feed, which has the current month's podcasts available - useful if you're going on holiday and won't have Internet access, for example.

There are lots of free programs that you can use to subscribe to podcasts but by far the most popular is iTunes (available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC):

Alternatively, open up iTunes manually and search for WordLive in the iTunes store.

If you don't have iTunes installed, you can get it for free from www.apple.com/itunes and then follow the instructions above.

There are also many podcast apps available on Android, such as PlayerFM (free) and PocketCasts (paid).