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How do I give my feedback and offer suggestions for WordLive?
We'd love to hear from you so use our Contact Us page.

Who creates the material?

The material is created by a team of writers, editors and freelancers. Have a look at our team page for more information.

How is WordLive funded?
WordLive is funded by donations. It's free to access because we want to encourage as many people as possible to deepen their relationship with God through the Bible. Please consider financially supporting WordLive so that others can discover and continue to benefit from its existence. Donations can be made here.

Why should I register?
Registering on WordLive gives you the oportunity to customise your experience of WordLive. By registering you will be able to access the search feature, sign up to the daily email and select the content you want to see, discuss the days topic with others in the forum and see content for days you missed.

How do I change the Bible version?
Registered users will find this option in their profile area. Edit your profile and look for the option.

How do I sign up for the daily email?
Registered users will find the option to receive or stop receiving the daily email in their profile area. Edit your profile and look for this option.

Why can't I hear the songs?
Our music player uses Flash or HTML5 depending on your browser. It might be that you don't have Flash installed or a browser compatible with HTML5 media. You can download Flash player here.

Why can't I see the videos?
Most of our videos are hosted on YouTube, but a few are Flash files that don't work on most mobile devices. We hope to update them to more compatible formats soon. For desktop, you can download Flash player here.

Why does my daily email end up in my junk mail?
Unfortunately, this is something we have little control over. Some internet service providers (ISPs) decide that a particular email is junk and will automatically send it to this folder. However, you can stop this from happening if you use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express to read your emails. Try one of these two options:
  • Right click on an unopened message and choose 'Junk Email > Add to Safe Senders List. Once in the Safe Senders List all future emails should be fine.
  • Drag the message from the junk mail box into your inbox, where the message will be fully functional

If you use a web based email service, there should be some junk email options. Be sure to add to your address book and/or 'safe senders' list.

Why is this website called WordLive?
We are sometimes asked why we have used the name 'WordLive'. We chose this name, because while WordLive is more than just words we have a big passion about the importance of words - particularly those of the Bible!

The opening pages of the Bible tell us that everything created was brought into being by words. In the gospel of John, John talks about Jesus being 'The Word made flesh' and talks of Jesus being the first and last letter of the alphabet.

The author and theologian, Eugene Peterson, talks of the art, the discipline of spiritual reading. He talks of reading that 'enters our souls as food enters our stomachs, spreads through our blood and becomes holiness and love and wisdom.' We pray that this will be your experience as you delve into the experience that is WordLive.

Is there a syllabus for WordLive and can I see a copy?
Yes, there is a WordLive syllabus and you can download a copy on the syllabus page.