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Life can be hectic and it's easy for us to spend less time with God than we should, but Lent is the perfect time to redress the balance. To help you do that, we've devised a series of six videos that focus on Jesus and his journey towards the cross.

Throughout the series we follow a traveller on his journeys and think about the journey Jesus took towards the greatest sacrifice, his death on the cross. Was the road he travelled joyfully embraced or stoically endured? Does his journey have anything to say about the struggles we also face to do God's will?

Download the videos to use offline

Use the links below to download the videos*.

*The videos are large high quality HD files in the .mov format and may take some time to download. The videos are contained within zip files so you'll need to extract them to play them. They will play in Quicktime and other video playback software.

  • Margaret Cashman | Sunday, 12 March 2017

    Last year, in oir Small Discussion Group, we greatly benefitted from the pdf series "From the Ram to the Lamb". Is anything similar available this year? We are inable to use video clips in our meeting.

  • Wrangler Wrangler | Tuesday, 21 November 2017


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