From the Ram to the Lamb

This free downloadable Lent Course takes us on a journey to discover some ways in which Jesus fulfils Old Testament prophecy and the sacrificial system.

It is written primarily with small groups in mind. It can also be used by people studying alone – but since studying along with others is so much fun, why not consider inviting a friend to join you? If you can't physically meet with someone else, can you have an email or Facebook discussion with them as you use the same material?

The material can also be used as the basis for a sermon series for a whole church.

  • In Session 1 we will look at the story of Abraham and Isaac and the substitute sacrifice. We will understand more of the promises and mercy of God.
  • In Session 2 we focus on Moses, the Passover Lamb, and the protection afforded by the blood of the lamb. Our studies will give us a glimpse of the glory of God.
  • In Session 3 we take a closer look at the sacrificial system, considering why it was needed and what was achieved. In so doing, we will learn more of the grace and righteousness of God.
  • In Session 4 our subject will be John the Baptist as forerunner of Jesus and the identification of Jesus as the Lamb of God, which will point us to a deeper appreciation of the love of God.
  • In Session 5 we shall turn to the death of the Lamb – the permanent solution to the problem of sin – and what that reveals of the holiness of God.