Weekly Session Outlines

WordLive offers an ideal way of studying the Bible with others. You can meet with WordLive users, at home or at work, to share and discuss the week's Bible passages. Or use the activities to interact with others online.

Moreover the special Groups feature offers you a small group study outline every week. The session is drawn from the WordLive passages of the week so if everyone in your group is using WordLive on their own you can study the passage together and exchange thoughts and questions arising from the daily passages. A truly enriching experience.

Even better - why not base the teaching programme for your church around the WordLive passages and get the whole congregation buzzing about the Bible together? The syllabus is published in advance so you can see where it is heading.

Check out this week's session here.

Lent Course Online

In addition to this material which is fresh every week we have included a special series of five downloadable small group studies. The series, entitled The Ram to the Lamb, would be particularly appropriate for use during Lent as we prepare for Easter but it could be used equally well at other times of the year.

Further information and download from here.