K - L

Ed Kaneen

Ed Kaneen has served as a Baptist Minister, and is currently tutor in Biblical studies for South Wales Baptist College, and teaches New Testament at Cardiff University. He is married to Karen and has one daughter, and plays the ukulele.

Rev Dr Mark Keown

Mark is a proud New Zealander. He is a Presbyterian Minister and New Testament lecturer at Laidlaw College, Auckland. He is happily married with 3 children and is a lover of sport.

Margaret Killingray

Margaret is a Reader in the Diocese of Rochester. She is married to David, a retired history professor, and has eight grandchildren.

Andrew Knowles

Andrew Knowles is a retired priest living in Cumbria. He is the author of several Christian books, including The Bible Guide (Lion Publishing, 2001). He is married to Diane, with children and grandchildren, and enjoys creative writing, painting and walking.

Whitney T Kuniholm

Whitney was the President of Scripture Union USA. He has written several books including The Essential Bible Guide (WaterBrook), The Essential Jesus (IVP), and John: An Eyewitness Account of the Son of God (WaterBrook). He has a blog (www.EssentialBibleBlog.com) and speaks at churches and Christian conferences. Whitney and his wife Carol have three adult children and two grandchildren, and live near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Jonathan Lamb

Jonathan Lamb serves as minister-at-large for Keswick Ministries and as a Vice President of IFES. He was previously Director of Langham Preaching and travels widely in teaching and training for these agencies.

Mike Law

Mike runs the Christian Resources Project in Plymouth. He isinvolved in recommending and supplying small group materials, has previouslywritten small group studies, and is involved in training small group leaders.

David Lawrence

David is the teaching pastor at Thornbury Baptist Church near Bristol. He is married with three married children, and five grandchildren. His publications for SU include “The Chocolate Teapot” for young people, and “Heaven: it’s not the end of the world”.

Anne Le Tissier

Anne has a passion to disciple Christians and reach unbelievers through the written word, as well as one-to-one mentoring, occasional conference speaking, and of course, reaching out to friends. To relax she loves walking, gardening, reading, music, or sharing a meal with close friends/family. She hates offal and soggy dishcloths!

Joel Lewis

Joel is a full-time insurance worker, full-time dadand full-time geek. Fortunately, these all seem to fit togethersurprisingly well, and even leave a bit of time for a bit of mid-life crisistype semi-serious jogging and the occasional time to read a poem or a bookwhilst wistfully reminiscing about the times when he could have read much, muchmore, but didn't.

Kar Yong Lim

Kar Yong teaches New Testament studies at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia, Seremban.

Alison Lo

Alison is a lecturer at the Moorlands Midlands Centre. Previously, she taught at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and London School of Theology.

Martin Lore

Martin is a self-employed graphic designer who has worked for SU on various projects for over 12 years and loved (just about) every minute of it. He's also worked for Macmillan, Christian Aid, YMCA and Save The Children amongst others as shown on www.martinlore.co.uk. He lives in Surrey and works at home in shared studio space on Platts Eyot on the River Thames.

Rev Dr Ernest Lucas

Ernest was a research biochemist before studying theology, gaining doctorates in both disciplines. He is now retired after 18 years as vice-principal and tutor in biblical studies at Bristol Baptist College, and is currently writing a commentary on Ecclesiastes and the Song of Songs. He is married to Hazel and they have two sons and three grandchildren.

David Lund

David is both a designer and photographer. Launching his own business in 1997 he set out with the clear goal of raising the bar of visual communications within the Christian market place, believing that creative quality design can make a difference. He has won numerous national design awards including CBC book of the year. He loves to relax by fishing.