Community Guidelines

We want the WordLive community to be a safe space for people to explore the Bible together, connect with God and support one another spiritually. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

The following rules are designed to safeguard the smooth running of the community:

1. Love your online neighbour

Aim to encourage and build up the other members of the WordLive community, speaking in grace, truth and love.

2. Think before you comment

Read over what you've written - is it honouring to God and helpful to the community? Also be aware that this is a public site, so think carefully about what you share for prayer and the like.

3. Respect other people's privacy

Be careful to respect other people's privacy, both of other users and people who don't use the site. For example, don't give any personally identifying details of situations for prayer without the permission of the people involved. Any prayer lists or prayer groups that you organise via the comments should be opt-in.

4. Disagree respectfully

At some point you will probably interpret some parts of the Bible differently from the WordLive writers and/or from other commenters. It's fine to offer and discuss different viewpoints, but do so with gentleness and respect.

5. Don't crusade

We welcome participation from people of all beliefs, but the comments aren't intended for people to push agendas or to try to convert people to particular viewpoints. If you want an argument about Christianity versus your own beliefs, or why everyone should join your denomination or theological tradition, this isn't the right place for that.

6. Don't post illegal material

Do not post libellous material, copyright infringements or links to websites advocating illegal activities. Be careful when quoting lyrics from songs and hymns in your comments - make sure that they are not in copyright; if they are in copyright, please link to an official source instead of quoting them directly.

7. Don't spam

Do not advertise your website or product. An occasional link to something you have written on your own blog or site is acceptable if it is directly relevant to the day's Bible study, but avoid repeated self-promotion.

8. One username per person

Please use a single username to avoid confusion. We'd prefer you not to share usernames between more than one person (e.g. husband and wife), and we definitely don't want individuals using multiple accounts ("sock puppets"), which is sometimes used online as an underhand tactic for trying to control or manipulate discussions, for example.

Thank you for your understanding. If you see a comment that violates these guidelines, please report it using the "Flag as inappropriate" button, which is visible when you are logged in.